Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Truth About Teacher-Librarians and an Epiphany.....

Yes, I'm a Teacher-Librarian...........but I'm also a Music teacher, a French teacher, a Literacy teacher. This is not at all uncommon in BC. For a school with 200 students I only have .203 allotted to me to be the librarian. So tonight, while I rather be reading, I am planning and prepping to teach my five French classes next week. So, being the techie that I am (hehe)I am online searching out activities and games for my classes. I've come across crossword puzzle makers and word search makers and actually started making some for my classes to complete. It hit me then......why couldn't my students be involved in this process?

My two grade seven classes have access to laptops and love to be involved in deciding what they learn and how they learn. So, here is my plan. Post the learning outcomes for the term (this will be my criteria by which I mark students) and ask the students what they want to learn. Would they like to learn about Quebec's Winter Carnaval? Great! I can lead the students through the research portion online and we can decide what the important vocabulary is for the unit, what "survival French" we would need for a visit to the city during the Carnaval and then students can search for and use (and create) tools to practice/learn the vocabulary. In fact, in my own research for Quebec Carnaval resources, I decided to create a blog to hold my videos and websites that I have found relevant to that topic. I figure, when it is time to begin this unit, I will have a one-stop-shop for the resources that I would like to use.

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Joanne de Groot said...

Very cool! Don't you just love those moments of epiphany!