Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Passionate Librarian Podcast 1


katkin said...

Hi April,

What great ideas for using podcasting in all your different teaching assignments. I was particularily interested in your suggestions for using podcasting in French. It is always so difficult to find authentic venues for students to practise speaking French (or any other second language). Podcasting could be ideal and just the answer teachers are looking for to give FL2 students that opportunity to practise speaking the language with purpose. I am working with a teacher right now who would love this idea. Thank you.

Joanne de Groot said...

Hi April,

Thanks for sharing all those great ideas for using podcasts in wear a lot of hats in your school!

I love the idea of having a database of booktalks to use with students all over your division. I did something similar when I taught a children's literature course a few summers ago--every student had to create 3 booktalks that they podcasted (is that a verb?)...I then uploaded them to my website so that they could access them after the course was over. It was a big hit and once people figured out how to create a podcast (and discovered that it was pretty easy) they were happy to have the extra resources!