Sunday, January 11, 2009

Libraries Without Walls

Since beginning my exploration of Web 2.0 tools as it relates to education and school libraries, I have realized that there are MANY, MANY free online resources out there that I have yet to tap. Remembering a conversation that I had with my District Librarian a few months ago, I remembered that the Fraser Valley Regional Library has many online resources. I just happened to have a few minutes to spare today so I logged on with my library card and began my exploration. The resource that I want to draw your attention to today is the EBooks and Audio books that are FREE to download and borrow for periods of 14 and 21 days from BC Libraries Without Walls. Some titles are even available to burn onto CDs (although 1 book takes up 7 cds!). So, if you are a resident of BC and have a library card, check out this site and enjoy! This site is not only for Fraser Valley Regional Library members, it is for libraries across BC.
Warning: There are two programs that you will have to download to be able to access this particular resource, so make sure you have at least an hour to play around with it.

Now, before you incorporate this into your lesson plans, just remember the following things:
* To access this resource, you must have a BC library card.
* These books are similar to hard copies, FVRL only has licenses for a few copies of each so it would not be possible for EVERY student in your class to have a personal copy.
* These works are protected by copyright. Please familiarize yourself with your rights and how you are allowed to use these works.

PS. I downloaded Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Anne of Green Gables. It took about 12 minutes on high speed cable and was well worth the wait!!

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