Friday, October 26, 2012

The Next Place

The Next Place
Genre: Picture Book
Format: Hardcover
Suggested age: 5-adult
Author: Warren Hanson
ISBN:  9780931674327
Publisher:  Waldman House Press  1997

Warren Hanson, author/illustrator of Older Love  and Kiki’s Hats has created an eloquent picture book titled, The Next Place.  Whether he is describing heaven, the great beyond, or nirvana, his text and illustrations describe a peaceful afterlife free from earthly flaws, possessions, pain, and turmoil.

Given that Hanson is the author and illustrator, it stands to reason that the text and the artwork are intricately woven together.  His poetic text swoops, swirls, and cascades throughout each page matching the pictures beautifully.  The reader’s eye is led through the pages, noticing the finer details that Hanson has added to the mosaic tiles framing his pictures.  One is left to wonder if this book is written as a  commemoration as Hanson has incorporated mosaic tiles embedded with names on the last page of the book.  I was particularly touched by this book and noticed that it was first published the year my father passed away.  If only I had known about this book.  It would have perhaps given me more peace……

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