Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Chance Favours the Connected Mind"

Steven Johnson created a fantastic video explaining the origins of the "great idea". Johnson states, "Chance favours the connected mind" This video discusses the origins of the great idea and calls for the creation of systems that "allow hunches to come together" specifically mentioning coffee houses.....I'm thinking combine coffee houses with unlimited resources and you get .............LIBRARIES! *Ta-da!*


Unknown said...

Great idea. Someone sent me that video today and it rings so true with how the world I have experienced works, not the one written by PR types when a success needs explaining. We (in the UK) are passionate to hold on to Libraries in the face of public expenditure cutbacks, its great that they are such a political hot potato but a new vision for them as public spaces is needed. My wife works in a Library management software company so its a topic that is well understood in our house. #8^)

April Hilland, Teacher-Librarian said...

Isn't it though! More and more libraries are becoming these exciting hubs that are buzzing with collaboration and community! Thanks for your comment "unknown"!