Friday, September 7, 2012


Genre: Picture Book
Suggested age:  4-8 years
Author: Melanie Watt & Chester the cat
ISBN: 9781554534609
Publisher:  Kids Can Press 2009
Characters in books often come alive for readers, in this case, Chester the cat comes to life to battle author Melanie Watt for control of her book!  Throughout this book Melanie Watt attempts to tell a lovely story about a mouse living in the country.  Chester the cat has other plans.  Page after page gets high-jacked by Chester and lead to a hilariously funny narrative between Chester and Melanie.

This book is ideal for read alouds and provides many in-text clues so that children can tell who has current control of the writing.  I personally love Chester’s naughty disposition and would be willing to co-author a book with him any day!

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