Friday, November 30, 2012

Dead Run

Genre: Realistic Fiction (high interest/low vocab)
Format: ebook
Suggested age: 12+
Author: Sean Rodman
ISBN:  9781459802476
Series: Orca Soundings
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers 2012

Sam is a bicycle racer, who has passion, promise and potential.  Unfortunately he also has the ego to match.  After his teammates ditch him, tired of his excuses and lack of team spirit, Sam is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to train under Viktor Lubyenko, a past Olympic winning racer.  To do this, Sam must convince Viktor that he is worthy of working for Viktor as a bike courier and is willing to undergo Viktor’s seemingly stifling training regime.  Under the tutelage of Robin,  one of Viktor’s best couriers, Sam quickly is entrusted with more risky courier runs.  The catch?  The dead runs that Viktor has Sam running are the only way that Sam can earn Viktor’s trust to continue his training, but put Sam in danger of breaking the law, angering dangerous criminals, and wrecking his chances of a budding romance with Robin.

British Columbian author, Sean Rodman has joined the ranks of esteemed authors to be published in the high interest/low vocabulary series, Orca Soundings.  Dead Run explores the not-so-glamorous or highly publicized world of street bike racing and bike couriers.  The rich descriptions of squealing brakes, narrow-misses, mysterious runs to abandoned buildings and  adrenaline filled- action make this a fast-paced read.  Rodman’s use of realistic dialogue and his knowledge of bike couriers and bike racing creates a story that is engaging to read for the racing enthusiast or novice.

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