Monday, November 19, 2012

World Book Kids

World Book Kids
Resource:  Electronic Encyclopedia
Format: Website
Suggested age:  7 +
This resource is available for use through a paid subscription policy although many school districts and public libraries already own subscriptions for this and make it available for their patrons and staff.  

World Book Kids is easily accessible through a simple log in screen, the colourful front page is appealing to audiences young and old. 
Users have the option to do a simple keyword search, advanced search or choose one of the search options such as pictures, world of animals, important people, science projects, dictionary, maps and more, compare places, plants and animals, history and government, Science and Math, Arts, sports and hobbies,  and games and activities.  Once a search has been entered World Book Kids supports the user in narrowing their search criteria to yield useful results. 
This interface is quite user-friendly and the designers have kept the page aesthetically pleasing yet uncluttered and easy to navigate.  Users can choose to learn about their topic via articles, exhibits, or quick facts.  At any time a user needs assistance, they can click on an information/help button to access a video tutorial.  From the home page, users can also access World Books other resources such as World Book Discover, Advanced, Student, Dramatic Learning, and Early World Learning.  The site also offers world book resources in French and Spanish.  As a teacher-librarian I would feel comfortable recommending this resource to primary and early intermediate teachers to support their curriculum. 

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