Monday, November 19, 2012

World Book: Dramatic Learning

Format:  Online Resource
Recommended Age:  Teacher’s resource.

Although this resource states that is tied to state achievement benchmarks, the version that my district has the subscription to offers connections to the BC curriculum.  This would stand to reason that the resource is adapted to meet the needs of the subscribers throughout the US and Canada.  

The layout and navigation for this resource is clear and uncomplicated.  It doesn’t have the flash and colour that the other World Book resources have besides a beautiful front page; but I find that as a teacher, I don’t need the distraction of the extras; I just want the resources NOW!  The layout includes a straightforward menu to guide readers through the site.  This resource includes a professional development section including videos, the “hows” and “whys” of dramatic learning, extensions to the Dramatic Learning resources for critical thinking, FAQs, as well as an online tutorial for using the website.  

Other sections of this site include mini-inquiry projects, lesson plans, rubric, step-by-step how tos, and accompanying posters and programs.  This resource is ideal for teachers who have done reader’s theatre but would like to extend the learning and experience from simply performing plays for practicing fluency. 

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