Tuesday, November 27, 2012

National Geographic Kids Magazine

February 2012 Issue

Genre: Non Fiction Children’s Magazine
Suggested age: 6-16
Executive Editor:  Rachel Buchholz
Publisher:  National Geographic Society

It’s hard not to be drawn in by the bold and lively cover of the National Geographic Kids Magazine(NGKM) .  With teasers such as “weird but true”, “pig athlete” and, * GASP * “FREE PULL OUT POSTER”!!!!  I had never been a reader of NGKM as a child or tween so it was with great interest that I chose this particular periodical that is part of such a well known institution of nonfiction literature. 
National Geographic Kids Magazine is a children’s periodical that has been a classroom and library staple for years.  This publication has not been afraid to change with the times to stay current and interesting to this generation’s children.  The format is lively and interactive; the visual elements are vibrant and current and the content is a balanced mix of nature, sports, inventions, science, and pop culture.

In the past the magazine has been criticized for letting ad space overwhelm the content as well as the content being too driven by fads and pop culture.  I have to say that National Geographic must have taken these criticisms to heart as the magazine that I have spread out before me has only two advertisements and a wealth of interesting educational articles that far outnumber the pop culture bits.  There is a fine line between choosing content that this age range will be interested in and catering to the latest fad or superstar.  I believe that National Geographic Kids Magazine have found a balance that will interest their readers as well as peak their curiosity.  For my gadget-loving readers, there's an app for that!

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