Monday, November 26, 2012


Genre: Science Fiction
Format: eBook
Suggested age: 12 -18
Author: Veronica Roth
Page Numbers Source ISBN: B00851M734
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books 2012

Tris has survived initiation into the Dauntless faction, however, instead of celebrations, war and unspeakable horrors await her and her fellow initiates.  Unrest and dangerous propaganda boil over and place Tris’ family and friends in the direct path of violence and war.  Tris and Four’s relationship is tested against loyalty to faction, family, and each other further complicated by secrets they both hold.

Roth maintains the breakneck pace she began in Divergent and constantly tests Tris’ strength and loyalties to the ones she holds most dear.  Roth ruthlessly delivers Tris from a tough-as-nails 16 year old waif into a woman embittered by grief and up against the power-hungry, relentless leader of Erudite.  

Tris and Four’s relationship continues to develop (for better or for worse) and keeps readers interested and invested.  It is utterly refreshing to read a dystopian teen novel which does not rely on a love triangle to add depth and intrigue to the relationship. As fellow blogger, Tracey Neithercott  also points out.  The struggles that are threatening to pull these two apart are essentially what they love most about each other.

 Although other reviewers struggle with the faction system (could it really happen?), I find myself able to suspend my disbelief and enjoy mulling over the “what ifs” of Insurgent’s reality.  I guess to conclude, this title will take its proud place on my tween to teen shelf next to Uglies, Midnighters, The Hunger Games,  Maze Runner, and other favourites of this genre.

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