Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living Lung ™ Lung Viewer App

Recommended age: 6 + (but fits in with the Gr. 4 BC Science Curriculum)

Remember the days of the boring two- dimensional worksheets where you have to label all the parts of the body, nerve, muscular system?  I always struggled with transferring this exercise to a real, working knowledge of my own 3 dimensional body.  What attracted me to this app was that it provided a simple three dimensional diagram of the human lung that can be deconstructed and manipulated to explore all of the working components.

Although this app is useful for illustrating the workings of the human lung, I would continue my search for an app that has more functions that would allow for inquiry to take place.  For example, what would a lung look like in a patient with emphysema, lung cancer, pneumonia, or cystic fibrosis?  This could be a potentially powerful tool to show the effects on pollution, drugs, and smoking on a normally healthy lung.
Although I’ve done some further searching and have found more comprehensive 3D lung model applications such as, 3D Medical Human Lungs HD, and the 3D Respiratory System, I have yet to find an app that extends the user’s knowledge about environment and disease effects on the human lung.

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